Approaches to Afghanistan grew out of the conjoint course between Bennington College and American University in Afghanistan. We aim to forefront the compelling scholarship of Afghanistan; its scholars and thinkers. Our mission is simple – to show the vibrant and complex scholarship about Afghanistan that defies oversimplified mainstream narratives. Approaches to Afghanistan isn’t bound to one discipline but is a conglomeration of politics, art, culture and interdisciplinary approaches. 

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Our aim to forefront Afghan scholarship is incomplete without an annotated booklist. Find out who’s reading what and why, arranged by topic, genre or author.

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We believe in open-access, accessible, and multimedia scholarship which surpasses regional borders and internet (dis)connectivities. Our contributors – the face of some of the most impactful work within their fields – are archived within these video lectures that illustrate Afghanistan’s literature, and mimic a classroom experience for their remote learners.

All videos are supplemented with transcripts, for those with connectivity issues.